Energy and Environment Department

It is formed by three research groups:

The research carried out at the Department of Energy and Environment is mainly oriented towards the sustainable generation of energy. This research involves the development of processes for energy generation, the evaluation, control and modellization of emissions as well as the research on advanced materials for energy and environmental applications. The main objective of this research is to contribute to the sustainable development of the society, based on less pollutant energy generation, residues valorization and air quality improvement.
Under this objective, the main research lines of the Department are focused on the following areas:

  • Development of advanced processes for energy generation with CO2 capture.
  • New processes for production of H2 without CO2 emission.
  • Development of advanced materials (catalysts, electrocatalysts, sorbents) for energy and environmental applications.
  • Non-biodegradable waste valorization and biomass.
  • Control of organic and inorganic airborne contaminants.

Jefa del Departamento:
Mª Teresa Izquierdo Pantoja