Fuels Emissions Characterisation Service



The evaluation of the potential contamination with Fl, Cl, Br and S during combustion of coal, solid biofuels and recovered solid fuels (RSF) can be carried out using International Standards ASTM, ISO and UNE EN through combustion of the specimen in a calorimetric bomb, collecting the washings and measurement of the concentration of the species of interest by ion chromatography using a Metrohm ion chromatograph with a thermal conductivity detector.



The Chromatography Service of ICB is equipped with a chromatograph with a thermal conductivity detector that allows the analysis of light gases, as H2, CO, CO2, CH4, C2, C3, etc.
Equipment: Bruker 450-GC chromatograph


The evaluation of the emission rights of a recovered solid fuel can be calculated based on the determination of biomass content. Emissions CharacterizationService of ICB determines the biomass content of recovered solid fuels according to the UNE EN 15440, expressing the results in mass%, calorific% or carbon % .