Raman and infrared spectroscopy

Confocal Microscopy
Horiba Raman
Raman spectrometer Horiba Jobin Yvon HR800 UV

Raman analyses are carried out in a HR800 UV spectrometer by Horiba Jobin Yvon.
The available wavelengths are 785 nm and 532 nm. In adition, the instrument incorporates a true confocal microscopy with three objectives (x10, x50 and x100) and a cell for liquid samples.
It is posible to perform polarized analysis and mapping (1 micron resolution).

Technical staff: Natalia Fernández, Isaías Fernández

Vertex 70
FTIR spectrometer Bruker VERTEX 70

Infrared spectroscopy FTIR analyses are carried out in a Vertex 70 spectrometer by Bruker.
The spectrometer is able to work in FIR, MIR and NIR and it is provided with optical microscope with appropiated lenses for visible and infrared radiation. It allows the acquisition of  micro-FTIR spectra in transmission and reflexion mode for solid samples .

Technical staff: Mª Dolores Domínguez, Natalia Fernández

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