Otras actividades

   GCNN participates in 10alamenos9 (April 2017)

The event was carried out in ETOPIA


Talks:  Graphene, Carbon Nanomaterials, … how small is a nanometer? Scientists show scholars this and more things in the nice talks!!


Nanodialogs.- Scholars and general public question young scientists about their career, motivation, and research.


Workshops.- Scholars learnt about the magic of carbon, and how to build a fullerene model.



Well done!!


GCNN participates in out-reach activities. (Jan 2017)
Last week, high-school students form IES Miralbueno were visiting our Institute. After a general introduction given by Carmen Mayoral, Ana Benito from GCNN explained their research on carbon nanostructures and their use on characterization technologies. She was assisted by Emin Istif and Lorenzo Vallan who prepared some beautiful demonstration experiments thus practically explaining their own research studies and their importance for practical applications.



Grupo de Nanoestructuras de Carbono y Nanotecnología (G-CNN) / Carbon Nanostructures and Nanotechnology (G-CNN)