Development of Chemical Looping Gasification of microalgae for the 3rd-Generation BioFuels production (CLG-G3BioF)

CLG-G3BioF stands on the  EU’s ambitious goals for climate neutrality and a circular economy, and aims at clean and low-carbon utilization of microalgae residue with a very promising CCS technology, called Chemical Looping Gasification (CLG).  The project dedicates to the development of the third-generation biofuels (G3BioF) production through the CLG of microalgae and at the same time contributing to EU’s commitment to achieve climate neutrality in 2050. 

Project’s goals

Through the project, the applicant will progress as a scientist and gain skills of LCA, complex pilot operation, tar analysis. Together with the supervisor and the host institution, this project is ambitious for a much greener production of biofuels and the results are important to power a sustainable future.