Flexible chemical looping combustion for combined heat and power production from biogenic residues with negative emission (Bio-FlexCLC)

The Bio-FlexCLC project develops and demonstrates a novel flexible technology for CHP plants at TRL 5 to utilize low-value biogenic residues as feedstock for heat and power production with negative CO2 emissions. Bio-FlexCLC combines the break-through chemical-looping combustion (CLC) technology with conventional circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boilers. The concept is flexible to switch between CLC CFB modes. Bio- FlexCLC operating in CLC mode has inherent CO2 capture at a low cost and without energy penalty. Bio-FlexCLC utilizes biogenic residues and wastes, improves conversion efficiencies, achieves negative CO2 emissions, reduces SOx and NOx emissions, enhances CO2 capture efficiency at a considerably reduced cost, has flexibility towards load demand fluctuations, and the capacity to switch to CFB combustion if market conditions are not amiable for carbon capture or if there is difficulty in the operation to decreases the risk of implement.