H2 production with CO2 capture. Chemical-Looping Reforming (CLR)

An important part of CO2 emissions comes from mobile sources, and transport accounts for one-third of the CO2 global emissions.

One option to reduce these emissions consists of the use of H2 for transport sector produced from fossil fuels, in large power plants with CO2 capture and storage technology. Accordingly, the technology of H2 production with CO2 capture is currently being developed.

Among the available technologies, the integration of oxidation-reduction processes with oxygen carriers (Chemical Loping) to produce synthesis gas/H2 and power from natural gas with inherent CO2 capture is outlined.

The process of reforming with oxygen carriers (Chemical Looping Reforming, CLR) is similar to the combustion process with this type of carriers (Chemical Looping Combustion-CLC) by using a defect of O2 and adding water vapor in order to increase the H2 production by steam reforming.

The activity carried out by our group in this research line is focused on the use of gas fuels, liquid fuels (diesel, oils, refinery wastes as well as renewable sources like bioethanol).