Environmental Research Group

Foto Grupo de Investigaciones Medioambientales


Wellcome to the Environmental Research Group in the Institute of Carboquimica of Zaragoza, CSIC. GIM is recognised as “Grupo de Investigación Consolidado del Gobierno de Aragón”

It is a multidisciplinary group that researches in the areas of energy and the environment with the ultimate goal of contributing to sustainable development.
The research lines developed by the GIM can be summarized as follows:



1. Energy and material valorisation of wastes and biomass through thermochemical processes.
2. Development of clean energy conversion processes with low carbon emissions.
3. New CO2 reuse processes for obtaining chemical products.
4. Control and characterisation of pollutant emissions.

These research lines are framed in UNDP SDGs 7,9 and 12

Dr. Ramón Murillo Villuendas.
C/Miguel Luesma, Nº 4,  50018-Zaragoza
Telephone +34 976733977 Fax +34 976733318

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