Analysis and characterization service

The Analysis and Characterization Laboratory is a support unit that provides a wide range of characterization techniques for all type of materials, including elemental and proximate analysis, gross calorific value, ionic chromatography,chemical analysis icp-OED, spectroscopy techniques (XPS, Raman, FTIR), XRay Diffraction, Scanning electron microscope (SEM), textural characterization (physisorption, mercury porosimetry, helium pycnometry) and particle size distribution.

This laboratory supports to ICB researches, OPIS and universities, as well as companies and individuals.

The Service task is to carry out tests, as well as the development of new analytical methods, with the highest technical accuracy, working in a responsible and transparent way to ensure maximum reliability of the results.

The Service has highly experienced technical staff to carry out the analysis under the conditions required. In addition, it offers technical advice and interpretation of results.

For further information about the different techniques or technical advice, visit our web sections or contact to services responsible. 

Dra. Elvira Aylón Marquina

For the Analysis Request, consult the different sections of the website and / or follow the protocol for sending samples that can be found at the following link

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Analysis and characterization service