AUTOPORE V de Micromeritics
AUTOPORE V de Micromeritics

Total pore volumen and pore size distribution in porous materials are determined by physisorption and mercury porosimetry.

  • Physisorption analyses are carried out in ASAP2020 (Micromeritics). This equipment allows to obtain adsorption isotherms for mesoporous and microporous materials.  The microporosity can be studied by using N2 or CO2 as adsorbate..
  • Mercury porosimetry is performed in AUTOPORE V (Micromeritics). This analysis allows to determinate total pore volumen and pore size distribution for mesoporous and macroporous materials.

Analyses for porosity determination are performed according to ISO 15901(1-2-3): Pore size distribution and porosity of solid materials by mercury porosimetry and gas adsorption.


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