Scanning Electron Microscopy SEM-EDX

SEM EDX Hitachi S-3400 N
SEM EDX Hitachi S-3400 N

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) coupled with EDS (Energy Dispersive X-Rays spectroscopy) is based on sample excitation by a high energy electron current and the subsequent use of appropriate detectors that recover the signal emitted by the sample (when it looses the excitation stage) and convert it into images (when secondary or retro-dispersed electrons are used) or in a semiquantitative analysis (when X- ray are used).
The microscope available in the ICB can be used with different electron acceleration voltages, emitting in a range from 1 to 30kV.

SEM Hitachi 3400N, EDX Röntec XFlash de Si(Li)

Embedding in epoxy resin, cut and mirror polish of no-biological samples for the observation by scanning electron microscopy and sample covering with a powered gold cover with controlled width for the observation by Scanning Electron Microscopy can also be performed.


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