X-Ray Diffraction

D8 Advance difractometer
D8 Advance Difractometer (Bruker)

This technique, through the treatment of the diffractograms obtained, allows the study of crystallinity, qualitative and quantitative analysis of crystalline and amorphous phases, as well as the determination of crystalline cell parameters. Said treatments are carried out by the Rietveld method with EVA and TOPAS software (Bruker) and are performed according to UNE-EN 13925 (1-2-3) rules.

X-Ray Diffraction analyses are carried out in a Bruker D8 Advance difractometer (cristalline powder method).  The difractometer presents Bragg-Brentano theta-theta configuration for conventional powder samples and it also equipped with a Göbel Mirror that converts the X-ray beam coming from the X-ray tube into a parallel beam . Grazing angle measurements are available too.


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