Energy and Environment Department


The  Energy and Environment Department seeks solutions to one of our time’s most pressing issues: generating sustainable energy while minimising its environmental impact. This is a significant challenge that will be addressed through the development of less polluting energy generation, new advanced materials, and the evaluation, monitoring, and control of emissions.

Three research groups comprise the department:

The main research lines of the department are focused on the following areas:

  • Development of advanced processes for energy generation with CO2 capture.
  • The production of energy vectors such as H2 and synthetic natural gas (SNG) without CO2 emissions.
  • Development of advanced materials (catalysts, electrocatalysts, sorbents) for energy and environmental applications.
  • Boosting the circular economy: non-biodegradable waste valorization and biomass.
  • Control of organic and inorganic airborne pollutants.

Department Head:
Ramón Murillo