Separation and Detection Group

In recent years, the group’s activity has been focused on the separation and detection of complex mixtures related to energy processes (natural gas, petrochemicals, biomass).

The development of probes that induce fluorescence, or variations in emission, in the presence of a wide range of molecules, including non-fluorescent species, is a growing area of interest for the group. These probes can be used with a variety of fluorescence technologies.

Although the emission intensity between molecules is a common parameter in the development of probes and sensors, there are no theoretical models to predict or calculate it, unlike other parameters such as emission wavelength. Our research will also help to explain why chemical systems are not adequately described in terms of the intensity of their fluorescent emission.


The group’s members

Dr. Vicente Luis Cebolla
Tfno: +34 976 733 977
Fax: +34 076 733 318

Dr. Luis Membrado
Dr. Jesús Vela
Dra. Eva M. Gálvez
Elena Mateos
Dra. Muriel Matt