Advanced Chemical Processes Research Group


The Advanced Chemical Processes Research Group is part of the DGA Reference Research Group 746_17R ENERGY and CO2 .

Since its formation, the Advanced Chemical Processes Group has been dedicated to deepen the knowledge of coal and biomass fuels, to increase the efficiency and life of combustion plants, to reduce pollutant emissions and to take advantage of the waste generated.

The research carried out has been financed by European (BRITE, CECA) and national projects and in collaboration with companies and other research groups, both nationally and internationally.

The continuous development of scientific activity has made it possible to create an important infrastructure of equipment, which allows us to tackle a wide range of objectives, both at the basic and applied research level.

Principal Investigator: Dr. José Manuel Andrés Gimeno.  Institute of Carbochemistry.  Miguel Luesma Castán, 4, 50018 Zaragoza (Spain).  Tel: +34 976733977; Fax: +34 976733318.